Pressure Washing Website Design

pressure washing website design company
Pressure Washing Website Design

How The Social Media Pros Does Pressure Washing Web Design

We create our pressure washing websites with Google ranking in mind. After all, your pressure washing website serves as the foundation, but the goal is to send traffic to your website.

Our SEO Strategist’s, web developers and copywriters research your market to plan out the perfect ranking pressure washing website.

pressure washing website design company

Looking For The Pressure Washing Web Design Guide?

How The Social Media Pros Does Pressure Washing Web Design

pressure washing web design company
Why Do You Need A Pressure Washing Website?

Your Pressure Washing Website Should Represent Your Brand Perfectly

When a homeowner visits your website, your branding should be consistent with your Facebook page, Google ads, and everything in between. With small businesses what we often see is that to many designers have had their hands in the pot, so to say. This leads to a variation of fonts, shades of colors, and even wording. While this may not seem like a big deal, customers can pick up on this.

One of the largest pitfalls for established pressure washing businesseses is opting to build their website on a platform like Wix, Google, or Squarespace. While this can get the job done when your boot strapping your business, have the site re designed on a professional platform should be a high priority.

These sites lack many deficiencies when it comes to SEO, and design. The SEO deficiency is the largest reason you want to avoid this. It has been proven that it is 8.5x harder to rank a website on Google that is built on a website builder platform.

Not every website is created equally, while some businesses only need 8-10 pages, some need over 100. Generally speaking, our most inexpensive websites start out at around $1,500 and go up from there based on the amount of pages needed.

If you have questions, or want a quick quote on your website upgrade reach out to us.

Our Pressure Washing Web Design Portfolio

How Can A New Pressure Washing Website Impact Your Company's Growth?

Email marketing has endless benefits, the biggest take away is email marketing is yet another, cost effective way to leverage your already existing customers to generate more revenue.

First Impressions Are Key

Within just a few seconds of being on your website your potential customer is starting to make a decision.

The Ability To Maximize SEO

In order to do active SEO your website needs to be built on a professional platform such as wordpress.

A Well Made Website Builds Trust

A strong website can build trust, its one of the most powerful attributes of the internet age. Put your website to work.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Visit your competitors website and make a mental note of how their sites are different, you'll see why its so important.

Foundation For Marketing Efforts

You can't launch a PPC campaign if the website isn't strong enough to convert the traffic that's coming in from PPC.

Your Website Can Be Your Best Salesman

When a website is done right, you'll have leads and sales coming through while you sleep, automating the process.

Let Your Pressure Washing Website Get Leads For You

Pressure Washing Website Design For Conversion

Having a professional website is half the battle, the other half is can it convert? It does no good to have a beautiful site that can’t generate revenue. We have many tools to track how a customer interacts with your site, we can see trends of where people get lost, can’t make decision, or don’t result in a lead or sale.

We can use this information to make small tweaks on your website, and over time we can refine this to a point where we can increase conversion on your website. It’s often small things like not having CTA (call to action) buttons in the right places.

power washing website design company
power washing web design
great pressure washing website design is an investment

Why choose us to design your pressure washing website?

We not only have years of experience building pressure washing websites, but we have seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a website that converts. All our websites are SEO ready out of the box meaning, there are no technical issues to resolve when the website goes live.

So, if you decide to hire us for SEO, or another agency your website is ready. Your website is yours and we build our websites on the WordPress platform so you have the flexibility to hire just about any agency to do your SEO.

Want Tips For Building Your Own Pressure Washing Website?

pressure washing web design company

While building your own pressure washing website can save you a lot of money versus hiring an agency like ours. There are a bunch of things to consider when making a pressure washing website that ranks high on Google. 

The jist of these pressure washing website building tips are geared around ranking your pressure washing website higher on Google. So here is a guideline to follow:

The Pressure Washing Website Building Blueprint

Make a list of the keywords you want to rank for. Check out this free tool from UberSuggest.

uber suggest

Take a look at who your competitors are for these keywords. SpyFu makes a great free tool for this!

spyfu screenshot

Once you have your list of pressure washing keywords, you need to prioritize them by volume.

Armed with this information it’s time to map out your pressure washing pages. We do this by creating what’s called a wire-frame that looks like this:

pressure washing website wireframe

Now write or hire someone to write all the copy that will go on these pages. You can go to the website UpWork to find freelance copywriters to send your wire-frame to.

Submit your website to Google Search Console

Track and adjust.

After all, that’s the whole point of having a website right? You don’t want your website to be a paper weight that doesn’t get any traffic. What good would that do?

So in a addition to our guidelines above, we also compiled a list of important pressure washing specific ranking factors to be sure to include in your website build.

Want Help On Your Pressure Washing Website?

1. Build Individual Service Pages

The Tip

One of the best things you can do to get a high ranking pressure washing website is to ensure that you have individual service pages. For example, if you do house washing, roof washing, and concrete cleaning. Under the service tab at the top of your website, there should be a drop down menu containing all your services, and each service having its own page associated with it.

pressure washing service pages 1
pressure washing serivce pages 2

The Importance

The reason having individual pressure washing service pages is such a big deal is because one of the biggest ranking factors when it comes to Google is how many times a particular keyword appears on a webpage. So let’s say you want to rank for “Concrete Pressure Washing”, if you just have one page that list’s all your services, you’re may only have the keyword “Concrete Pressure Washing”, appear 2 or 3 times. Now imagine if you had an entire page dedicated to “Concrete Pressure Washing”.

The Solution

Create individual service pages for all of the services that you provide.

2. Pressure Washing Blog

The Tip

Make sure that your website has a pressure washing blog, and that you actively add pressure washing articles to it. Note: this is one of the things we provide monthly for our pressure washing SEO clients because of how monumental it can be to rank a website.

pressure washing website blog sceenshot 1
pressure washing website blog screenshot

The Importance

The reason having a pressure washing blog is so important to your pressure washing google rank is because like mentioned above, the more times a keyword appears on your website, the more likey you are to rank for that keyword. So imagine your competitor doesn’t have a pressure washing blog, and you do with 4 to 5 roof washing articles on it. Who do you think has a better chance to rank for “Roof Washing Company Near Me”?

The Solution

Add a blog page, and make sure to try and add at least one pressure washing blog post a month.

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3. Call To Actions

The Tip

One of the best things you can do for your website is having call to action buttons like “Get A Quote”, “Call Now” in high traffic areas of your website. Typically you want to add these buttons in the header, and under paragraphs throughout your pressure washing website.

call to action 1
call to action 2

The Importance

Imagine spending money on Google ads, being ranked number one in the map pack, and getting hundreds of website hits a month only for none of the traffic to turn into leads. Research shows that just having a clickable phone button, and a get quote button at the top of your page can can increase your conversion rate by more than 10%. So if you get 300 hits a month to your website, that’s an extra 30 leads a month! But this isn’t just limited to the header, it’s important to also add call to action buttons throughout your website 

The Solution

Add call to actions in key areas of your website such as the header, at the top, middle, and footer of your web pages.

4. Link Google Business Reviews

The Tip

Make sure that you use some kind of plugin or code on your pressure washing website that links directly to your Google Business Profile.

pressure washing website reviews 1
pressure washing website reviews

The Importance

By linking your pressure washing google reviews to your website this does two things. First, it shows your potential customers who have landed on your website that you are a reputable pressure washing company, not just a guy down the street. More importantly what it does is it helps with SEO. When you link the two Google it builds brand trust between your website and Google helping your ranks.

The Solution

Make sure that whatever platform you build your site on has a way to link, and show your Google business reviews.

Want Help On Your Pressure Washing Website?

5. Check Your Website Speed

The Tip

The speed of your pressure washing website is one of the highest weighted SEO factors. When Google crawls your website they time how long it takes the website to load, the longer the wait, the worse your rankings will be. So ensure that your pressure washing website is as fast as possible.

You can check your website speed by going to GTmetrix.

pressure washing website speed

The Importance

You want your pressure washing website speed to be at an “A” or above. This gives you a huge advantage because if you were to run your competitors websites through this tool it would be very likely all of them would have a grade less than an “A” which gives your pressure washing website a huge ranking advantage.

The Solution

Run your pressure washing website through the GTmetrix tool, and if your score is less than an “A” take a look at the suggestions that it gives you in order to resolve some of these issues.

6. Pressure Washing Keyword Research

The Tip

When it comes to the wording on your pressure washing website, it is important to do proper keyword research, and then map out the keywords you’ll be using. For example, let’s say you really want to rank for “commercial pressure washing” then come to find out no one actually searches for that and then you end up spending a lot of time trying to rank a page for a keyword that has zero traffic. Using UberSuggest you can compile a keyword list that actually gets traffic in your market.

uber suggest

The Importance

You want your pressure washing website speed to be at an “A” or above. This gives you a huge advantage because if you were to run your competitors websites through this tool it would be very likely all of them would have a grade less than an “A” which gives your pressure washing website a huge ranking advantage.

The Solution

Before you start adding pages, writing blogs, and adding more text to your pressure washing site. It’s important that you focus on keywords that actually have high volume. Remember, at the end of the day we want leads, leads come from having high traffic.

Want Help On Your Pressure Washing Website?

7. Add Location Pages

The Tip

Let’s say you live in Dallas, and want to rank #1 for pressure washing related keywords in Dallas, this is going to take some time because Dallas is a big market. Well by using keyword research, you may realize that there is search volume for:

“pressure washing (insert suburb here)”

So how do you rank for those keywords when your whole website is geared towards”

“pressure washing dallas”

You create location pages!

highlands power wash locations
reecon pressure washing website locations screenshot

The Importance

This is critical to capturing the low hanging fruit that your competitors are likely not going after. You see, almost all of your competitors are going after the biggest city in your market. So by adding a small focus, and creating these individual pages for the suburbs, Google will index these pages and you’ll start showing up when people search for pressure washing related keywords in that particular suburb.

The Solution

Make as many location pages as you can that cover all of the suburbs and smaller cities in your market.

8. Use A Pop Up

The Tip

Add a pop up to your pressure washing website that offers some kind of discount in exchange for their email. You can setup and automation that sends them this code.

pressure washing website pop up

The Importance

Adding a pop up that captures emails in exchange for a discount off their first services with you does two things. One, if they sign up and get the discount they are much more likely to book with you.

Secondly, you can add that email to a future email marketing campaign that will allow for you to email market to leads, and past customers.

The Solution

Add a pop up to the home page of your pressure washing website.

Want Help On Your Pressure Washing Website?

9.Lots Of Pressure Washing Content

The Tip

When you’re building your own pressure washing website, you’ll want to make sure that you have lots of text. Not just random, filler text, but actual content about the services you provide.

frost pressure washing home page

The Importance

As you can see by the example of one of our clients Frost Pressure Washing we added over 1,500 words just on the home page, and for most of the service pages we added over 1,000 words.

Like explained earlier, not only does this give the potential customer more information about why you’re the better, and more professional pressure washing company, but it helps you rank much higher!

Again, if you have a house washing page, where the word “house washing” appears more times on your site than your competitors website, Google will think you’re information is more valuable.

The Solution

After creating your wire-frame, and mapping out your pages, ensure that you request the appropriate amount of copy from your copy writer. Aiming for no less than 1,000 words a page will give you a huge leg up.

10.Make Your Website Stand Out

The Tip

Make sure your pressure washing website stands out, is bright, and professional looking.

A lot you are proud that you’re not the cheapest in town, but sometimes struggle to close jobs at your price point. Well having a professional web site that stand out can help.

The Importance

The reason having an amazing pressure washing website can help you close higher ticket jobs is because your website commands a high price before the potential customer ever picks up the phone.

Imagine the customer lands on a poorly built, 4 page website, calls you to get a quote only to find out that you’re the highest price in town. No wonder they’re surprised, your website didn’t set the precedent.

Versus if they land on a professional pressure washing website, they will already have in their mind that this isn’t some guy with a pressure washer, it’s a legit company, and they’re not going to be cheap.

The Solution

If you’re building, or planning to build your own website, be sure to spend some quality time making it look as nice as it possibly can. It could save you thousands in closed jobs.

Want Help On Your Pressure Washing Website?

11. Make Sure You Have SSL Certifications

The Tip

Most web site building tools now a days have this built in, but you want to make sure. Here is a detailed exmplaination of what SSL is.

However, you are going to want to make sure that you have it setup on your website.

pressure washing web design ssl cert
pressure washing website ssl

The Importance

In regard to SEO, making sure that your pressure washing website has an SSL certificate can help your rankings. Not to mention the last you want a homeowner seeing when they try and go to your website is a message saying “this site may be unsecured”.

The Solution

Add SSL certificates to your website.

12. Submit Your Website To Google Search Console

The Tip

Google Search Console is Googles tool that does all of the crawling for all of the websites on the internet. Anytime you add or update a page on your website you should login to your GSC (Google Search Console) account, and submit that page to be indexed and crawled.

pressure washing google search google search console

The Importance

By default all pages (for the most part) on the internet will be crawled whether or not your ask Google to crawl them or not. However, submitting specific pages to GSC will help google find, crawl, and index them faster.

This is why SEO can be seen as a bit of a slow process. Imagine hiring a company like ours, or doing a ton of SEO work over a short period of time, and then having to wait weeks, or sometimes months for Google to come and index the new updates.

By using GSC you can speed this process up.

The Solution

Setup and use GSC here is a great video that can help you with this process.

Want Help On Your Pressure Washing Website?

13. Add Lots Of link Inside Your Website

The Tip

One of the things that helps Google crawl, index and under stand what your website is about is internal links. These can be links that link to other pages on your website, the navigation menu, or footer of your website is a good example.

Another example of this is linking text to a web page not on your website like this —> Yoast

pressure washing website internal links
pressire wasjomg web design internal links

The Importance

By scattering internal and external links throughout your pressure washing website, it does 2 things.

1. It helps Google crawl your website easier so it’s likely that any SEO changes you make will happen faster.

2. It helps Google understand what your website is about because it sees what kind of content you are prioritizing.

The Solution

Make sure that you add as many internal and external links throughout your website as possible.

14. Pressure Washing Back Links and Citations

The Tip

Notably one of the best things you can do for SEO, is off page SEO. This is the process of having your website appear on as many other websites as possible.

This comes in two forms:

  1. NAPS (Name, Address, and Phone Number or business citations.
  2. Backlinks
pressure washing backlink graphic
pressure washing business citations

The Importance

We won’t dive into why back links are one of the most important pressure washing website ranking factors, but Moz put out a great article on the topic.

In a nutshell, back links show Google that your pressure washing website has authority. You see if there are 100 website that link back to your website, and your competitor only has 10. Google will think your website is more authoritative on the topic, thus giving you a better ranking. 

An example of some back links you likely already have are Facebook, Yelp, Google Business Profile, BBB, etc.

Building back links is the single most important thing that we do for our clients becuase it has such a large impact on ranking.

The Solution

Make sure that you spend a little time each week trying to add your website to various other websites to continue building your domains back link profile!

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