Case Study: Navarro Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study
Dive into the success story of Navarro Pressure Washing and see how our digital marketing strategies propelled their business to new heights.
Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study
Navarro Pressure Washing


At the end of 2023 Gavin with Navarro Pressure Washing reached out to us with assistance generating leads for his holiday light installation company. He wanted to see how we would do assisting him with this project before committing to us to design his pressure washing website, SEO, Google Ads, etc. 

After having amazing results working with us to generate leads for his holiday light installation company we began doing his Google marketing for his pressure washing company.

Within just a few months after building his new website, doing SEO, running Google Ads, and optimizing his Google Business Profile we started averaging him over 70 leads a month!

The Problem

The Solution

Pressure Washing Business Marketing

90 Day Overview

We knew that the key for Navarro Pressure Washing would be in focusing on the short term wins with Google Ads, and optimizing the Google Business Profile. These were going to be things we could move fast on, while we began the longer process of SEO and getting his website to rank higher organically in his service area.
Notice how in just the last 30 days, his website traffic alone was 292 users, 89.6% higher than the previous 30 days.


What We Accomplished

Boosted Calls

In the month of April we increased their map pack ranking so much that it resulted in a 5x increase in phone calls.

Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study Results
Pressure Washing Results

Stellar Google Ads

In the last 30 days, we helped them generate 29 leads from Google Ads. 19 phone calls, and 10 website lead form submissions. In just 4 months of doing SEO we got their website organically ranking for 20 keywords in the 1-3 position. Resulting in massive amounts of organic traffic to their website.

70+ Monthly Leads

Since hiring us 6 months ago, Gavin is now getting over 70 leads a month on auto pilot and his business has exploded with new growth.