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Does showing up at the top of Google matter?

Pressure Washing Google Ads For Results

Why are pressure washing Google ads so popular? This is because every hour, your potential customer is making a Google search query. When they do they’re more likely to click on the first 1-3 results, the first 1-4 results on Google are almost always a Google ad.

Because this is PPC (pay per click advertising) you only actually pay when someone sees your Google ad, and then goes to your website. The bonus here is that if you have the proper audience targeting, and your Google ad listing copy is good enough, you’ll end up with a great ROI.

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We can predict your CPC within 5%

What Pressure Washing Keywords Should You Use For Your Google Ads?

When it comes to Google ads for pressure washing, keyword research is the most critical part of starting the journey with Google ads. Through our extensive keyword list building we can predict CPC (cost per click), conversions, and even revenue.

Use this free tool from Uber Suggest to do your own keyword research!

Pressure washing keyword research matters because in this process we will advise you on which keywords to bid on and which ones to stay away from. Not all relevant keywords to your business should be added to your campaigns.

We tend to focus on low hanging fruit first and work our way up. By looking at the average CPC for all your relevant keywords we can identify which keywords have the least amount of competition, with the most upside potential.

Tracking the data that matters the most

Pressure Washing Google Ads For Leads

A big misconception with Google ad campaigns is that the only goal at hand is to get the most amount of relevant clicks, for the cheapest cost, and while sometimes that’s great, other times it’s the opposite.

Would you rather have 5,000 monthly website visitors with 10 leads, or 1,000 monthly visitors with 50 leads at the same cost? We figured as much. Therefore, analyzing the data matters so much, here we can figure out what keyword or phrase brought someone to your website, and what they did once they got there.

From there we can adjust the Google ad campaigns accordingly.

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The Power Of Pressure Washing Google Ads

Managing pressure washing Google ad campaigns is something we thrive at. We have years of experience, paired with battle tested strategies to make sure you get the best ROI on your Google ads.

Low Cost Barrier

In comparison to other forms of digital marketing the CPC system of Google ads has a low cost of entry. Meaning that you can get started with small budget and scale into what works over time. This protects your wallet from large marketing losses. This is really great for companies in a very saturated market.

Instant Business Boost

Sales are low? You're going into the off season and you need some explosive growth fast? Try Google ads. Organic, SEO growth matters, however, it won't get you over night success, it takes time. Unlike Google ads where in a weeks notice you're phone could be ringing off the hook, or your online store could be sold out. This is due to the instant nature of Google ads.

Level Playing Field

When you have a lot of competition in your businesses niche, it can be hard to compete organically with bigger brands. Google ads level's the playing field. When it comes to showing above the competition in Google ads, it's not all about bid price, you can easily out rank the competition by having better ad quality scores.

Remarketing Abilities

Have you ever been surfing the web and later get on Facebook or browse another website and start to see ads from a company who's website you've visited in the past? That's re-marketing, and it works, really well. The average conversion of a website is 4% meaning out of 100 people that come to your website only 4 convert. What about the other 96? They already have interest. Re-market to them.

Data Driven

Here at The Social Media Pros we swear by the data. It's the number one, non subjective, indicator we have to tell us if what we're doing is working. We never get it right during the first test, rarely any agency does. However, by analyzing the data over small test's we are able to scale what works, remove what doesn't and test again.

Protecting Your Company

Have you ever made a search on Google, only to see as the first result not be that company? This happens when competitors bid for your name. Ideally, Google doesn't want this to happen. So we always include a very small portion of your ad budget to your businesses name to deter other companies from bidding against it.

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The experts in pressure washing google ads

Why Choose Us To Run Your Pressure Washing Google Ads?

We have spent every day over the better part of the decade inside of pressure washing Google ad accounts. We’ve seen what works, as well as what doesn’t.

We keep up to date will all recent communication from Google regarding Google ads, and all of its subsidiary products to be able to provide our clients with the best possible ROI.

Our average ROI with our clients is 3.76x when it comes to Google ads, it’s a number we’re very proud of. We are always learning and improving to increase that number for the benefit of our clients.

Smart Bidding

Though data analysis of the campaigns we are able to figure out the best prices to bid for each keyword, allowing for us to optimize for more keywords over time.

Keyword Research

At the heart of our operation is keyword research, figuring out the relevant keyword searches to your business, your competitors keywords, and negative keywords.

Targeting & Retargeting

Cold PPC traffic from search engines is great, however re-targeting non converting traffic on 3rd party websites like Facebook, YouTube, and web is even better.

Pressure Washing Google Ads FAQ's

When it comes to running a pressure washing Google ad campaign, it's important to take some kind of formal training on Google ads first.


Once you feel confident in your ability to run a Google ad campaign navigate to

The key to a successful pressure washing Google ad campaign is to first, build a keyword list. The best way to build a keyword list is to use the planned inside Google ads here

You can start by adding a key keywords, and then google will give you a suggested list.

Pro tip, if you do exact match be sure to double your list, and on the 2nd list add your city name in front of the keywords.


Here at The Social Media Pros, we have perfected our keyword research process so we use Exact match.

Always optimize for conversions, not clicks, but it's important to setup conversion tracking properly before doing this.

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