How To Use Google My Business To Grow Your Pressure Washing Company

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Utilizing the Google My Business Platform Service, For Your Pressure Washing Company

Google My Business is a tour de force when it comes to your pressure washing business’s visibility and localized SEO. Many SEO strategies and digital marketing efforts start with Google My Business because it drastically improves any business’s chance of getting noticed by potential customers. It’s a great resource tool for giving potential customers a one-stop shop for all of your company’s frequently searched business information.

Most of you pressure washing companies out there probably already have a Google My Business page by now. If you don’t, stop what you’re doing, put the pen down, don’t search the internet for more help, quit reading this tip article, and go do that NOW! As a business owner, word of mouth and reviews are everything, along with actually knowing the location, basic business hours of operation, and how to contact you!

If you already have a Google My Business profile, check out the video below for tips on ranking your business higher in the Map Pack.

How to Begin to Increase Your Ranking

After you’ve created your company’s business profile with Google My Business, there are other available platform features and content you can add to your listing to improve visibility and grow your client base. This is where you can really begin to target keywords and build the authority of your listing.

You can also add pictures or videos (up to thirty seconds) of your office building or services to give people a sense of your business before they visit. If you’re adding company pictures or videos, be sure to appropriately name them. For example, instead of leaving a picture as “001.jpg,” you should rename it to something like “EternalPressureWashingHomeOfficeTampaFL.” 

Google Posts is a relatively new feature added to the Google My Business platform that allows a business to add blog-like posts to their search listing. One case study found a pretty strong correlation between these personal company posts and an improved overall Google ranking! In some cases, they were able to move several positions in ranking with just one or two posts a week. Thus, this is a great, low-effort way to optimize your Google My Business page and potentially raise your local SEO rankings as well.

If you happen to already have that done, congratulations! You’re that much closer to getting more clients and first-time customer leads. Google is THE largest search engine available on the planet, and Google happens to own ninety percent of the search engine market share to date. This is incredibly important because right now, homeowners in your service area are more than likely going to Google, and the search is usually for “pressure washing near me”. When people make this search, and your business is not on Google, the customer base won’t be able to find you at all!

Continuing to Increase Your Ranking

However, the need for Google as a tool doesn’t end there. Not even close. The question I get asked all the time is, “My business IS on Google, so when will I actually start getting phone calls?” Never, if you don’t actively use the search platform! Just creating a basic Google My Business account doesn’t actually mean you’ll be in the top results in your area and people will start calling you for your available cleaning services. You HAVE to do the work to get that Google ranking. You can do this by focusing on SEO, profile optimization, personal customer reviews, and even those ever-popular Google ads!

The more time you spend adjusting and improving your company’s Google My Business listing, the better optimized it will be, AND the easier it will be to maintain a top search result in your local area. The Google Local Business Pack will always pull the top three most relevant local pressure washing businesses to the user’s query. A Google ranking that’s good enough to be in this top group is very important for your company, as these are the only three businesses that will appear until the user scrolls and clicks to see more business pages available to them.

By frequently posting business updates and responding professionally to personal reviews in addition to customer questions and messages, your business will begin to grow a local and loyal client base, and your Google search ranking will grow, too!

So the tip here is to ACTIVELY utilize the Google My Business platform because, practically speaking, this isn’t a “set it up and forget it” type of tip. You should be posting any business updates, pictures of projects/before-and-after photos, videos showing your work progression, or some other form of vital content to your Google My Business search listing every day.

Depending on your pressure washing business, there may be other Google My Business features that can enhance your business. While utilizing these features may not greatly improve SEO efforts, they will provide great value to local Google users and enhance your existing customers’ experience. For example, the bookings feature means a consultation-based company can allow customers to schedule a visit right through the Google My Business listing. These new appointments integrate with your company’s existing scheduling software so there is no confusion or accidental double bookings.

This convenience is really unmatched. Imagine a customer who searches your business for a phone number to call to schedule an appointment. Suddenly, they are booking their appointment right through your Google My Business listing, and they never have to pick up the phone. By eliminating unnecessary steps in the scheduling process, it actually helps to encourage more people to make appointments!

The Importance of Reviews

On top of that, the most crucial part of your Google My Business search ranking is your client business reviews! If you’re not actively scheduling and booking out pressure washing service jobs in your area, your number-one focus should always be to get as many Google customer reviews as possible. BEG if you have to. Have your contractors or service technicians mention it to every customer before and after their job is complete. Have your office mention it on every phone call. Advertise if necessary!

You see, word of mouth and personal experiences are the easiest ways to entice others to reach out for your designated services, especially if you have friendly and professional staff on duty. People love hardworking, dedicated professionals who can carry out their needs. Reviews are the only way to show people that you have what they want! It really is the difference between getting pressure washing leads for your business or not.

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