Case Study: Water Works Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study
Dive into the success story of Water Works Pressure Washing and see how our digital marketing strategies propelled their business to new heights.
Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study
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In 2023, James, co-owner of Water Works Detailing and Service, stumbled upon our agency through a Google search. Faced with a common challenge plaguing many burgeoning pressure washing businesses—securing a steady stream of customers—James sought a solution. Despite their diligent efforts, relying on traditional methods like door-to-door canvassing for job leads was proving insufficient.

Recognizing the need for a more sustainable approach to lead generation, James reached out to us, eager to explore alternative avenues. We engaged in a comprehensive consultation to understand his business goals and pain points better. It became evident that to propel Water Works Detailing and Service to the next level, a robust online presence was paramount.

We proposed a strategy centered on enhancing their visibility on Google, positioning them as the go-to choice for homeowners seeking pressure washing services. By optimizing their online presence, we aimed to ensure that they appeared prominently in search results when potential customers sought services aligned with their offerings.

Our recommendation resonated with James, offering a promising path toward achieving his business objectives. He embraced the idea of leveraging the power of digital marketing to attract a steady influx of leads, paving the way for sustained growth and success for Water Works Detailing and Service.

The Problem

The Solution

Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study Results
Pressure Washing Business Marketing

90 Day Overview

In the initial phase, we constructed a brand-new website for James and his business partner, recognizing it as the cornerstone for our subsequent efforts to enhance their online visibility. With a focus on targeting specific keywords and locations crucial for Google rankings, the website served as the foundation for our strategy. Following the website’s completion, we embarked on the rigorous tasks of SEO optimization, Google Ads management, and Google Guaranteed enrollment to further boost their digital presence.

James’ business went from having zero online presence to averaging 2,000 users on his brand new website.


What We Accomplished

Boosted Calls

James received 11 phone calls from Google Guaranteed during the slowest months of the year.

Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study Results
Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study Results

Stellar Google Ads

We achieved outstanding results with James' Google Ads campaign, generating 289 leads at a cost per lead of $8.34.

Keyword Ranking Wins

Nearly 10% of the 72 tracked keywords ranked in positions 1-3, with an additional 20 keywords ranking in the top 10.

Pressure Washing Marketing Case Study Results