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YouTube advertising is the most used video advertising platform on the planet. 62% of users in the US access the platform daily. The best part is, the YouTube platform (owned by Google) collects a massive amount of data points from its users.

Why is this a good thing?

Because unlike traditional advertising we are able to show your video ads to the exact audience you want to target. This is monumental when it comes to video marketing for your company because with YouTube advertising you’re only paying when your most ideal customer sees your ad.

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Your Target Demographic Is Likely On youtube

How To Reach Your Customers on YouTube

Most people are familiar with those pesky YouTube pre-roll advertisements. But what other advertising does YouTube have? They have non-skippable ads, overlay ads, and bumper ads just to name a few.

When we build out your marketing roadmap to include YouTube advertising, we look at several variables to determine which YouTube ads we will run.

In most industry’s the biggest ones we focus on are skippable pre-roll ads, and non-skippable pre-roll ads.

The biggest misconception when it comes to Facebook ads is choosing just one objective. When we create our roadmap for our clients the average amount of campaigns, we create is 4. This is because we leverage retargeting, as well as testing objectives to maximize ROI.

You don't need TV grade commercials for YouTube advertising

Don't Have A Full Scale Production Budget? No Problem

If you’re a smaller company you might be thinking, “I don’t have a $10,000 video production budget for a YouTube ad.”

That’s totally okay, often times we would rather you don’t, there is probably a much better way to spend that money to grow your company.

I would challenge you to spend some time watching YouTube ads by searching terms on YouTube relevant to the product or service you provide, and realizing that in most cases these video ads are done with a budget of less than $500.


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The Power Of YouTube Advertising

It’s time to get your brand right in front of your exact, target, demographic. and we’re to here to help.

Easily Measureable

The success of any marketing campaign is dependent on the data, and YouTube being a Google company gives us loads of data to analyze. We can see in real time how our ads are doing, and look for ways to optimize them to improve our PPC cost. Unlike traditional advertising you get the data well after the ads have run.

Highly Targeted

When someone gets on YouTube they start collecting your data from the moment you arrive, they do this to build a profile for you. This allows us as marketers to tap into this and show people ads that are tailored to them. This prevents ads that have nothing to do with your interests to be shown to you.

Audience Connection

A graphic or a picture can only convey so much of your brands message. People feel much more connected to a brand and its product or services if they watch a video about it. When this is done right with YouTube advertising you can connect with your potential customers like never before.

Fast Results

Because of the active user base on YouTube we are able to get results almost instantaneously. This helps you get your ads in front of the best audience, getting more traffic to your website, thus getting more sales. We can have active YouTube ads up in a few days notice, and get you the results you need.


Very much like PPC YouTube advertising operates in the same way. While many people may see your ad before they watch a video on YouTube, or see your graphics around the video. You only pay once someone clicks on the ad itself. This ensure that we're only showing ads to the perfect audience.

In Front Of The World

If you offer your products or services nationwide or internationally for that matter you stand to gain the most from YouTube advertising. In today's age you are able to reach more people, for less money much faster than you could a decade ago.

Scale traffic for re-targeting with YouTube advertising

We Have The Map To Success On YouTube

There are so many YouTube advertising strategies we implement for our clients, and they’re never a one size fits all. For some businesses just driving traffic is all they need, for other re-targeting and brand awareness matter more.

This is why having a digital marketing roadmap is so critical for the success of our clients digital advertising goals. It’s important to set goals, track KPI’s and analyze results, so that we can optimize campaigns.

The roadmap we create for our clients is a living breathing document that is ever eveolving to meet new goals, and achieve higher results.


YouTube Ad Placement

In the roadmap creation process along with planning the best ad placements across all digital platforms, is YouTube ad placement. For most companies YouTube pre-roll ads are the most common.

Video Creation

We work with our clients to come up with video ideas for their YouTube campaigns. We have the ability to create your videos in house, or if needed outsource a videographer to come to you.

Data Analysis

The best part of digital marketing is precise, real time, in-depth, data analysis. We are able to see exactly the type of people who interacted with your ad, what they did when they landed, and how we can optimize.

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