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you need to understand the psycholy of social media first

Social Media Is Free, And You're Likely Using It Wrong

We know this is a bold statement, but we see it all the time. Home services companies only posting “deals”, ecommerce and restaurants posting “sales”.  What most business owners fail to understand is the dynamic of social media, this isn’t a place to just advertise your business. It’s a place for your business to interact with its community.

When we start working with a business doing social media for the first time, we do something to allow for business owners to understand social media much better, and that’s by just posting a picture of a dog. But why? After a few days we show our clients the analytics of how (in most cases) that picture of the dog, outperformed every post they’ve ever made.

Explaining that people aren’t on social media to be sold, they’re there to relax, unwind, and consume. Only interacting with content that’s new, interesting, or emotional. All of which, the content you’ve likely been posting, has not been.

there is in fact a right and wrong way to use social media

What is the "right way" to do social media?

What you post, or don’t post on the behalf of your company’s social media account matters much more than you think. In some cases, this could be your potential customers first time seeing your brand? They want to know who you are, what you do, the behind the scenes. The last thing they want is to be sold to.

This is largely based on the platform and the niche, but the answer is more. You can’t ever produce enough content for social media because there is always someone there to consume it. Which can be tough, we know. After all you have an entire company to run, so sitting around and strategizing on ways to produce content can be exhausting.

All of them? Maybe. Depending on your niche, some are far better than others, but this doesn’t mean you should exclude any of them. This is more dependent on your budget if hiring an agency to do your social media. Obviously, the more platforms you choose to be on, the higher the cost. Therefore our digital marketing road map is so important because we are able to flush all of this out.

What Our Clients Say

How Can Social Media Marketing Impact My Business?

With almost all social media platforms being free, to not use them would be neglectful to your company.

Reach Larger Audiences

Getting emails from trusted companies builds a subconscious relationship, for future sales.

Direct Connection and Commnuication

Because of how cost effective email marketing is, it can help you strech your marketing dollars.

Brand Building Abilites

By connecting with existing customers, they're likely to buy again with something as simple as an email.

Funnel Traffic To your Website

Break your customers into alike groups, sending them emails that seem more personal.

Real Time Analytic Tracking

Once someone visits your website, they get tossed back into the re-marketing campaigns with PPC.

Potentially Viral Content

When you launch an email campaign, you will see results in just a few hours. Due to people checking email quickly.

Are You Staying Ahead Of The Curve Or Behind It?

Social Media is growing faster than most of us can keep up. Therefore, your social media marketing strategy matters so much. With new social media platforms like TikTok popping up every day, figuring out which platforms to focus on is key.  It was only a few months ago that most businesses were writing off TikTok, now every fortune 500 company has an active account posting several times a day.

With that comes a whole other set of content hurdles, because you can’t share the same content from Facebook or Instagram to TikTok, the format just isn’t the same. Should your company even be on TikTok, maybe you can’t see the advantages. We can, and the answer is yes.  

How The Social Media Pros Do Social Media Marketing

It starts with the roadmap planning out the kind of content we want to produce and the frequency in which we want to publish it. Often, the content is a mixture of graphics, videos, and pictures behind the scenes of your business. But how do we procure the content?

We have employed a strategy that leverages local photographers and videographers in your area to get us the necessary content we need. Once we have the roadmap in place, we work with these local freelances to advise them on what we need, how to shoot it, when to shoot it. This allows for you to focus on your business while we deal with the logistics of how it gets done.

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