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Why are pressure washing Facebook ads so good? Targeting. Over 71% of Americans actively use Facebook. Like most digital platforms Facebook collects over 200 points of data on every user. As advertisers this allows for us to be able to market products and services with laser focus regarding our target demographic.

This is much better than traditional advertising using billboards, and flyers. In these examples you might be paying to advertise to groups of people who aren’t your target demographic.

Targeting is great, but what about re-targeting? Re-targeting is the holy grail of Facebook ads. The ability to drive cold traffic to your site, and then have the ability to show anyone who has visited your website, a series of ads on Facebook is invaluable.

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The ways to advertise on Facebook are endless

Ways To Advertise On Facebook

One of the most valuable parts of Facebook ad campaigns is the ability to be able to select a campaign objective. Not all Facebook ads are a like in this sense. When we create a Facebook ad strategy, we will layer these campaign objectives to match our focus.

The biggest misconception when it comes to Facebook ads is choosing just one objective. When we create our roadmap for our clients the average amount of campaigns, we create is 4. This is because we leverage re-targeting, as well as testing objectives to maximize ROI.

Multiple Creatives for multiple objectives

We create ad creatives that are optimized for the objective.

The creative is the part of the ad that people see, typically a video, graphic or photo. Something that often get’s overlooked is the format of the creative. When running Facebook ads, depending on placement locations there are hundreds of places this ad may appear. The issue for most when not account for this is the size of your creative.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on well made commercial, only to find out you can only use it in a few locations within Facebook ads due to its orientation and resolution. We plan for these types of things, and work with creative directors so that they understand the nature in which the creative will be used.

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The Power Of Pressure Washing Facebook Advertising

Here at The Social Media Pros we start with your objectives first, and build a road map from there. We are a pressure washing digital marketing agency with expertise dating back to a time before social media was the basis of digital marketing.

Results Based Advertising

We measure our pressure washing Facebook advertising results the same way you do – whether you measure your success in better traffic, more click-throughs, bigger sales, local check-ins, or new sales leads. Tell us the problem you’re trying to solve, and we’ll build a way to get there with data-optimized Facebook marketing campaigns.

Managing Ad Accounts

Don't have a pressure washing Facebook ad account? No worries, our team will setup, build and manage your pressure washing Facebook ads using the tools at

Transparent Reporting

It's important that you know critical KPI's with you pressure washing Facebook ads. This is why we give our clients a Facebook ad dashboard that updates in real time so you're never in the dark with the results of your ad campaign.

Laser Focused Targeting

Over the years, and millions of dollars spent in pressure washing Facebook ads, we have the perfect startegy to make sure your ads are only shown to the perfect future customer.

Micromanaging Campaigns

Pressure washing Facebook ads aren't a "set it and forget it" kind of thing. Each week our Facebook ad team spends quality time inside your Facebook ad account to ensure we are always trying to lower your cost per lead.

World Class Customer Service

It's important to us that we are responsive to your questions, and requests as they pertain to your pressure washing ads. Our team is available during open hours to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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The experts in pressure washing Facebook ads

What can you expect working with us?

When you decide to let The Social Media Pros manage your pressure washing Facebook advertising campaigns you’re getting years of experience, proven Facebook ad strategies, and endless client support.

We’ve helped hundreds of pressure washing business owners over the years and have changed the growth trajectory for most. We’re very passionate about what we do here and would love the opportunity to work with you. We’re a full-service advertising agency. We take care of it all, from creative creation, ad copy, and audience building, we do it all.

Precise Audience Targeting

We make sure that your Facebook ad's land directly in front of your ideal audience. No matter if we're targeting a cold audience, or managing a retargeting campaign.

Campaign Monitoring

We're not a "set it and forget it" agency. We spend several hours each week inside our clients Facebook ad accounts making mico adjustments as we see fit to do so.

Ad Optimization

We optimize our Facebook advertising campaigns though rigorous testing. We begin the process with a few small budget ads, micromanage the results, and scale.

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