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Local Businesses Need Local SEO Solutions

Just having a business on Google isn’t enough these days. Studies have shown that 90% of all “Googlers” will click on one of the first 3 results after making a search.

So our goal when working with clients doing local SEO is to make sure your business is in that top 3 position. We have many ways to achieve this, and we implement our proven local seo strategies to do so.

Can Your customers find you on google?

We Make Sure That Google Can Find You More Easily.

In an oversimplified explanation, how the ranking process works on most search engines, Google include is:

  • Can Google find your website?
  • Is your website fast enough?
  • Are there enough relevant keywords on the page or site to refer “Googlers” to your site?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Is it mobile friendly?

This is a very small list of things that Google considers when ranking you against your competitors.

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Reach out to one of our experts and let us know what we can help you with in regards to your local SEO strategy.

Our Local SEO Approach

When it comes to local SEO, it takes a local approach. There aren’t any short cuts, and our approach is simple. We figure out where your website sits on search engines currently, who your competition is, and put together a strategy to out rank them.

Local SEO can be a gold mine for most businesses. When your potential customer goes searching for “…near me” you want to be the first result, not your competition.
Get More Customers In Your Store
One of the best ways to scale the growth of your local business is with Local SEO. If done correctly it make a major impact on actual foot traffic in your store.

People are always looking for directions to local coffee shops, pizza places, entertainment venues. When they make these searches, often, they click on the first result that has good pictures and great reviews.

The catch is even if you have all this, your business needs to be in the top to even be a contender.
We Make Local SEO Easy

If you own a local business where you depend on people actually coming into your store, being number one in your niche can be an absolute game changer.

If we use a pizza restaurant as an example. Imagine how much your business could change if every time someone in your area went to Google, searched “pizza places near me”, and your shop showed up number 1 every time.
No Store Front? No Problem.

Home service businesses have the most to gain from local SEO service because they don’t have a store front for people to see everyday. Home service businesses rely on referrals, and any marketing.

We often have the most success with home service businesses due to the massive opportunities they have.

When someones AC goes out in the middle of the summer, and they need a repair man quick they turn to Google. When they do who do they find?
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We offer our clients customized Local SEO packages based on their needs

If you’re ready to boost your business on Google let’s talk about how we can help today!

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If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “flying blind”, then you can apply it here.

When you’re trying to scale your local business, there are some critical metrics you need to be aware of.

For example, if you’re a dentist attempting to grow the Invisalign part of your business, we can let you know how much of your website traffic, phone calls, and leads you’re getting based on searches around Invisalign.

The same is true about your competitors. Often times there are only a few small changes between your website and your local competitors that could allow for you to out rank them and see a massive positive impact to your web traffic.

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