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your email list is much more important than you might think

Most business owners have a CRM that collects quite a bit of information from their customers, and potential customers. The biggest miss is never looking at this data, and leveraging it again.

Email marketing is one of the most under utilized tools a business has at its disposal. With a proper email marketing campaign you can leverage people who have already interacted or thought about interacting with your business, buyers once again.

its all in the subject line

How we leverage email marketing

It starts with a goal, that works its way into a plan, and then implementation of that plan. Once we understand what your company’s goals are, we can create an email marketing roapmap that is in alignment with your goals.

By now we hope you have a CRM where all of your customer data is collected. From here it can all be uploaded into an email management software where email drip campaigns can begin.

A segment is a group in your email marketing software that allows us to break up the customers in your CRM.

We wouldn’t want to send “Thank you for your business emails” to people who have never spent money with you.

What about people who have spent money with you but it’s been awhile.

There are many reasons to create segments or groups to send drip email campaigns to.

What Our Clients Say

What can You Expect To See With Email Marketing?

Email marketing has endless benefits, the biggest take away is email marketing is yet another, cost effective way to leverage your already existing customers to generate more revenue.

Strengthen Relationships

Getting emails from trusted companies builds a subconscious relationship, for future sales.

Cost Effectiveness Of Marketing Dollars

Because of how cost effective email marketing is, it can help you strech your marketing dollars.

Increased Sales, Profits, and Budget

By connecting with existing customers, they're likely to buy again with something as simple as an email.

Personalization With Segmentation

Break your customers into alike groups, sending them emails that seem more personal.

Increase Web Traffic For Retargeting

Once someone visits your website, they get tossed back into the re-marketing campaigns with PPC.

Getting Instant Results

When you launch an email campaign, you will see results in just a few hours. Due to people checking email quickly.

Why Would Email Marketing Grow Your Brand?

Email marketing can grow your brand in various ways, the most notable is the fact that it develops brand familiarity, and trust.

Over time this relationship keeps your company at the forefront of your customers minds, so even if they don’t directly interact with your email campaign, the next time they need your product or services, they’re likely to come to you.

How The Social Media Pros Do Email Marketing

We have a strong, time tested base email strategy that we use will our clients. This system is plug and play with most businesses with some minor adjustments to match your digital marketing roadmap.

We know what makes customers tick when it comes to interacting with email’s. Paired with our expert copywriters, we’re sure we will make your email campaigns ROI positive.

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