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In Redline Exterior Cleaners first year of business they came to us because their company wasn’t showing up on Google when homeowners when looking for pressure washing on Google.

The owner was between working with The Social Media Pros, and another company, they ultimately chose to come work with us.

So it was important that we show why we were the right choice.

It was also very important to them that we built them a much better looking website than any other pressure washing company in the Vineland, NJ area. So we did just that.

On the first day of work, our SEO experts spend serious time looking at the Vineland, NJ pressure washing competition. This area was going to be a little tougher to rank in compared to most markets but we knew we could do it.

After analyzing the competition, and Google search trends we came up with the perfect SEO plan of attack, and then began craft perfect pressure washing content for the new website.

Looking at the other pressure washing sites in the Vineland area, we had a good idea of how we would design this website to make it stand out.

Our pressure washing web developers spent a lot of time working with our SEO experts, and copy writers to impliment the perfect ranking content on this new website.

We also made sure that we added some key features that would ensure traffic was likely to convert once landed on the website.

Some imporant features we were sure to include were:

  • Call to action buttons in the header.
  • Call to action buttons layered through out the website.
  • Connected Google Business Profile to display live reviews.
  • Individual service pages to ensure high ranking for all services.
  • A blog to help with SEO ranking results.
  • A contact form that feeds thier CRM.

While we knew this would be a tough battle to win in this particular market, it was only 3 months before we started pulling ranks on the first page of Google.

We were able to find the low hanging fruit that most of the pressure washing companies in the Vineland area had neglected.

Once we started securing the easy keywords, we went after the more competitive ones.

Currently, almost a year into this SEO campaign, we have secured over 50 pressure washing keywords on the first page of Google!

Since then, Redline Exterior Cleaners went from not being found on Google to getting 50 plus leads a month on their new website!

redline exterior cleaners website screen shot

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