8 Tips To Get More Pressure Washing Leads

8 Tips To Get More Pressure Washing Leads

If you need more pressure washing leads for your pressure washing business, this article is going to help you. Most of these tips won’t cost you a cent, just some time learning how to use them.

The pressure washing business space can be really difficult to break into, or really scale into as it tends to be overly saturated. Anyone with a pressure washer can call themselves a pressure washing company. One of the most frustrating things you’ll likely run into when trying to grow your pressure washing business is that in the beginning, it can be hard to find leads, and even harder to deal with those leads when the neighbor down the street will do your service for half the money.

So how are you ever supposed to grow?

I am here to give you the 8 tips that if you implement, will give you more pressure washing leads than you’ll know what to do with.

   1. Google My Business For Pressure Washing

Most of you by now probably already have a Google My Business page. If you don’t stop reading this article and go do that now. If you do, congratulations, you’re one step closer to getting more leads.

Google is the largest search engine on the plant. Google owns 90% of the search engine market share to date.

This is important because right now homeowners in your service area are going to Google and searching for “pressure washing near me”. When they do, if you’re not on Google, they can’t even find you.

However, it doesn’t end there, not even close. The question I get asked all the time is, “My business is on Google, when will I start getting phone calls?” Never, if you don’t use the platform. Just creating a Google my business account doesn’t mean you’ll be in the top results and people will start calling you. You have to work to get that ranking. You can do this by focusing on SEO, profile optimization, reviews and Google ads.

So the tip here is use the platform, this isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of thing. You should be posting an update, picture, video, or some other form of content to your Google my business listing every day.

On top of that, the most critical part of your Google My Business ranking is your reviews. If you’re not booked out with pressure washing jobs, your number one focus should be to get as many Google reviews as possible, beg if you have to. It really is the difference between getting pressure washing leads and not.

Which leads me to my next tip.

   2. Pressure Washing Google Reviews

Your Google reviews are so important that we needed to dedicate an entire point to the topic. I challenge you to go to Google right now and search for “pressure washing companies”. Tell me how many reviews the number 1, 2 and 3 businesses have, and then how many you have. If you really want to get your phone to ring you need to beat those companies in Google reviews.

Now a couple of quick tips on this.

  • Don’t get fake reviews, meaning don’t have friends and family leave reviews for your business, if you’ve never done any pressure washing work for them. Google is much smarter than you might think, and if they catch you doing this they will shut down your account, and then you’ll really be in trouble trying to get leads.
  • Get reviews from customers, no matter what. Give them 10% off, perform a service for free, beg if you have to. Do whatever you need to do, to get that Google review.
  • Reviews can also hurt you. Now I would never recommend avoiding asking bad customers to leave you a Google review 😉 but, it won’t matter if you have 200 Google reviews, if your rating is a 2.5 because you told the good, and bad customers to leave you a review.
  • Always respond, right away, to google reviews. Be sure to include the services you performed in the comment. This allows for you to slowly rank up in the keywords you’re adding to the comments.

   3. Use Facebook Properly

This is a tip so many pressure washing businesses get wrong. I’ll preface this by saying, no one wants to be sold to on Facebook. Homeowners don’t get on Facebook because they want to know that you’re giving 20% off soft washing to new customers. They just don’t care. When we start doing social media management for our pressure washing clients, one of the first things we do is have them post a selfie, a picture of their kids, or their dog.

But why!?

To prove a point. If you go back and look at your Facebook business page insights, you will see that a lot of your posts probably aren’t seen by many people. You might have well over 1,000 page likes, but when you make a post, it’s only seen by 65 people.

Why is that? Because again, people don’t want to be sold to. Facebook knows this, which is why they developed the edgerank system.

In a nutshell here’s how Facebook posts work.

You make a post, Facebook shows this to 15 people, depending on how those 15 people interact, or don’t interact with your post, tells Facebook if it’s content worth pushing. If a good portion of those people comment, share, or like the post, Facebook will send it to another 15 people, so on and so forth.

So what’s often happening for a lot of pressure washing businesses, is that they share a side by side, before and after picture, it gets sent out to 15 people, and those people don’t care, it doesn’t provoke enough emotion for them to click on it.

But when we have them post a selfie, or them working, or what they had for lunch while on the job, this does provoke emotion.

The biggest take away here is that if you really want to start getting more pressure washing leads from Facebook you need to stop selling, and start being you in your business.

   4. Use Instagram The Right Way

Many pressure washing businesses use Instagram, but do they use it correctly? Something that should be obvious from reading the above point about not selling on Facebook posts, the same is very much true with Instagram.

In addition to some of the advice around Facebook, first, yes you should be using Instagram. You should also be posting on your pressure washing instagrams page at a minimum of once a day.

Note: be sure to convert your businesses Instagram account to a business account. There is a great walk though you can find here.

One of the biggest benefits to posting and using Instagram for pressure washing businesses is, location tagging, and hashtags.

Location tagging is where in the process of making a post on Instagram, you can “tag” the post by typing in the address, or city where the picture, or video was taken. This is huge, because for example, if you were running a pressure washing business in Columbus, Ohio, while on a pressure washing job, you could take a picture, post it on Instagram, use the tag feature to show that this post was made in Columbus, Ohio. Now anytime anyone clicks on “Post’s in Columbus” they may find your post.

The other nice feature of using Instagram is that you can use hashtags, but here’s where pressure washing business owners get this a bit backwards. Often times I see pressure washing posts on instagram where the hashtags look like this: #pressurewashing #businessowner #softwashing #mybusiness

Hashtags like this will never get you any business. If you’re not aware how hashtags work, heres an example. When you click on a hashtag, Instagram  will show you all of the posts made using that hashtag. You need to put yourselves in the shoes of your customer. The customer is likely a homeowner, frequents places like Lowes, and Home Depot, and is a bit of a DIY’er. They will most likely never be perusing the hashtags i’ve mentioned above.

So you need to start using hashtags, where your customer would likely be searching.

Doing hashtags well is an art in itself here is a guide to pressure washing hashtags.

   Paid Pressure Washing Marketing and Advertising

The first 4 points of this 8 point guide were all things that you can start as soon as today, and won’t cost you a cent. Now it’s time to get more serious. In these next 4 pressure washing marketing tips to get more pressure washing leads, I will be going over things you can do to accelerate getting more pressure washing leads. The catch? You’ll likely have to pay for these things.

I always tell potential pressure washing clients of mine that just like I pay to have my taxes done, and pay someone to fix my car. Sure I can do those things, however, it’s going to take me way longer to figure out how to do right, will likely cost me more money, take time away from me in my business, oh, and the difference between paying for pressure washing digital marketing and the things I have listed above is that all of those have no ROI (return on investment). When working with an agency like ours, we average a 4.3x ROI. Meaning that for every $100 our clients spend with us we make them $430 back.

   5. Pressure Washing Website Design

Having a solid pressure washing website is the foundation of all future marketing efforts. I’m not referring to a website your sister, who also does web design, made you on Wix, Google, or some other website. I’m talking about a platform for professionals, there are many out there but our agency uses WordPress.

The nice thing about wordpress is that it isn’t proprietary to our agency, so when we make a website, if our clients ever decide to leave and go to another agency. That agency, 90% of the time can work off of WordPress so you don’t lose your website.

As for the design, two of the most important factors that I will focus on for this article are conversion, and SEO. While point 6 is dedicated to SEO, building a website that is SEO “out of the box” is critically important.

As for conversion, if you look at your existing site maybe you find yourself asking, “I get a lot of pressure washing traffic, but never any leads.” This is likely a result of conversion placements. There is a science around structuring a website so that when a potential pressure washing customer comes to your website, they feel compelled to submit their info, or call.

We have built enough pressure washing websites to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to conversion. Where to place “call to action buttons”, phone numbers, and how to intentionally make potential customers navigate your website, landing on the contact page.

The reason all of this matters so much is because as our pressure washing advertising efforts increase with SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook ads you’re going to be paying for that traffic, and we need to make sure that traffic converts into leads.

Take a look at this pressure washing website we just designed for Midwest Detailing NC, pay attention to the call to actions on the pages.

Midwest Detailing NC

In addition to focusing on conversions for pressure washing websites, we also focus on, on-page seo for pressure washing.

If you’re not aware of what SEO (search engine optimization) is, it’s the process of optimizing the web pages for relevant keywords. For example, making a concrete cleaning page on your pressure washing website, we would make sure that every aspect of the concrete cleaning page was optimized for the keyword “concrete cleaning”.

We do this by adding the term to the H1, H2 title tags, writing the meta descriptions for the pages to include the keyword, adding the keyword to the alt tag of the images on the page, and many other optimizations.

All of this is an effort to increase the organic ranking on Google and other search engines. When these things aren’t optimized properly, Google won’t know what the pages are about, and then won’t rank you over your competitors.

All of this leads us to my next tip for getting more pressure washing leads, and that’s finding someone to do pressure washing SEO.

   6. Pressure Washing SEO

Like I have briefly explained in the point above, SEO is a very important marketing tool that if utilized properly can drive more pressure washing leads to your business than you would know what to do with (I know because I get those phone calls all the time).

So if we do SEO when we build the site what’s the point in doing it, or paying someone else monthly to do pressure washing SEO for you?

SEO unfortunately isn’t a “one and done” kind of thing. The ongoing process of SEO can be very complex to explain, but I will try to do so.

The biggest goal of ongoing pressure washing SEO is to drive more traffic to your website. As of right now homeowners in your area are making Google searches like “pressure washing near me”, “power washing company”, and “concrete cleaning companies”. When they do this, do they find you or your competitors?

With pressure washing SEO, we build a large set of keywords to track, and on a weekly basis we go into your website and optimize for those keywords.

Oftentimes we are able to rank our pressure washing clients in the top 3 Google spots within 90 days, for a large part of the keywords we’re tracking. Why this matters to you as the business owner is because you go from not getting any Google search traffic, to getting hundreds more hits a month, all from people looking for the service you provide.

For pressure washing business owners wanting to avoid paying someone to do this service, I would suggest finding a handful of courses on YouTube and spending the next few months dedicated to learning the topic. Unlike “boosting a post” on Facebook this is probably the most complex part of digital marketing when it comes to pressure washing.

Speaking of boosting posts, don’t do that, save yourself some money.

   7. Facebook Ads For Pressure Washing

When it comes to getting pressure washing leads cheap, Facebook Ads is the way to go. There are many Facebook ad strategies for pressure washing you can use. However, I will speak to the 3 main ones.

Starting with the dreaded “boost a post” feature on Facebook.

Boosting a post on Facebook may seem like a good idea, as long as you don’t want to get pressure washing leads from it. As a brand awareness feature, it’s okay at best. The biggest pro to boosting a post is that anyone can do it, the cons are endless.

Wait so how else do you run pressure washing Facebook ads?

With the Facebook Business Manager.

There are essentially two ways to give Facebook your hard earned money for pressure washing Facebook ads. The first is by boosting a post, and the second is by running ad campaigns using the Facebook Business Manager.

If you’re not aware, when you own or manage a Facebook business page, when you make a post on that business page, Facebook gives you the option to boost the post. Basically, you can give Facebook as much money as you want and they will show that post to more people, the more money you give them, the more people see the post.

With the boost post feature you do have “some” targeting capabilities, but it is very limited.

The Facebook Business Manager on the other hand has a ton of different features, from custom audiences, follow up targeting, and much more.

The biggest benefit to using the Facebook Business Manager is retargeting. We use this with almost every pressure washing Facebook ad campaign we run. Essentially what this is, is targeting the customer after they’ve visited your website already.

Why is this so important?

When a homeowner goes to Google and searches “pressure washing near me”, even if your SEO is on point and you show up number 1, you’re still not going to convert all of that traffic. On average our clients have a 4%, first visit conversion rate. So for every 100 people that come to our clients websites, 4 of them become a lead. (Most of our clients see upwards of 1,000 hits a month just off of SEO, do the math)

What about the other 96% percent, they still need pressure washing services.

They’re not sold on you yet, these are the people who want to weigh options, so they go to your site and two of your closest competitors. This is where Facebook retargeting ads come in. When they go to you and your competitors’ site, they’re still “thinking about it”. But what happens when later that day, they’re relaxing on Facebook and they see your video ad. Intrigued, because they start to think to themselves “I just visited this company’s website today.” they check out the ad, which triggers more ads in the days that follow, until they likely message, or call you.

I am sure all of you have experienced this, going on amazon, or anything other big website only to be hit with their ads later in the day. The reason they do this is because it works really well. However, features like this, and many others are only available when you run pressure washing Facebook ads in the business manager.

The biggest reason why most people opt to boost a post over the business manager is because of the complexity of it. It took me 2 years and almost $200,000 in Facebook ad spend to become really comfortable with the platform. Most people don’t have that luxury to test with their own money. So the next best thing you can do is either hire a pressure washing marketing agency like mine or take to YouTube and put some long hours in perfecting the craft of Facebook ads.

   8. Google Ads For Pressure Washing

The holy grail of getting pressure washing leads is the use of Google ads. Google ads is a process where you pay to be number 1 in the Google search results. If you look at the image below I have outlined how the first page of Google is broken up.


Pressure washing map pack

As you can see the first couple of results are Google ads, followed by the Google map pack, and then the organic SEO results.

So a question I get asked all the time is “If I pay for SEO to be number one, why would I run Google ads?”

There are two reasons we run Google ads. The first is to get traffic on keywords that are taking a long time to win, and to get pressure washing leads now while we wait for SEO to kick in.

So what are some tips for pressure washing Google ads?

Learn the platform really well, or you could waste a lot of money really quickly. I’ll say it again, Learn the platform really well, or you could waste a lot of money really quickly.

The biggest issue with Google ads in the pressure washing world is the fact that pressure washing equipment exists.

So imagine paying for the term “pressure washing”, but every time someone searches “pressure washing repairs” you get charged money!

Or “Honda pressure washer”

Or Dewalt pressure washer”

I have seen pressure washing business owners who have spent thousands of dollars on searches that were from other pressure washing companies needing repairs, and supplies.

This is why the negative keyword feature, and the exact match features of Google ads are so important, you don’t want to lose money paying for searches that won’t convert.

In Conclusion

I hope this guide helps, it’s purpose wasn’t to teach you how to use all of these methods of pressure washing digital marketing, it was for you to be aware of the impact that they could make on getting more pressure washing leads.

If you were to implement, and even 4 of these hard this year, you would see a significant increase in your pressure washing leads.

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